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We, at River Ranch Family Dentistry, understand that dental emergencies happen when you least expect! We are trained and fully equipped with the latest emergency equipment to respond with the necessary urgent care. We are committed to providing the quality care you deserve when you need it most!

When Should You Seek Emergency Care?

A dental emergency is a situation that requires urgent attention to alleviate pain, save a tooth, or stop bleeding. Below are some common emergency situations and guidelines to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Severe, lasting toothache: Tooth pain may indicate a serious condition including an abscess or infection. Avoid placing aspirin or any painkiller directly on the affected area. Contact us immediately for an emergency appointment.

Knocked-out tooth: If a tooth falls out due to trauma, call us for an emergency appointment. Meanwhile, try to reinsert the tooth back in its socket while avoiding touching the root. If that does not work, place the tooth between your gums and cheek or in a clean container with milk, and bring it over to our office. We will do everything we can to save your tooth.

Cracked, chipped, fractured or broken tooth: Apply a cold compress to relieve pain and call us immediately for an emergency appointment. We will assess the situation and provide the needed urgent care.

Broken Jaw: If you suspect you have a fractured jaw, apply ice or a cold compress to your face and contact us for an emergency appointment immediately.

Soft tissue injury: Lacerations or tears to the cheeks, lips, or tongue can cause significant bleeding. Clean the area and place ice or cold compress to reduce swelling. Make sure you contact us right away for an emergency appointment.

Lost Dental Restorations: If a filling or a crown falls out, contact us immediately for an appointment. We will repair any damaged restorations as needed.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

While you can't eliminate all dental emergencies, some practices will lower your risks. Maintaining good oral hygiene practices at home and keeping up with your dental exams and cleanings every six months will ensure that your teeth stay healthy, clean, and free of cavities. We will also be able to spot any tooth decay, gum disease, or other problems before they progress and pose a risk of developing into dental emergencies.

If you or a family member plays contact sports, it's best to use a mouthguard to protect the teeth from trauma caused by impact. Don't use your teeth as tools to open bottles or crack nuts. Treat your teeth with the care they need to prevent injury.

Emergency Care You Can Count On

We, at River Ranch Family Dentistry, are committed to offering our patients the highest level of emergency care. We hope you never experience a dental emergency, but if you do, we will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes. We are here for you!

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We look forward to serving you and your family! Schedule your appointment today!

We look forward to serving you and your family! Schedule your appointment today!